Sunday, August 31, 2008

What to do with peaches going bad....

Clearly when you have peaches that haven't been eaten and are going bad, you should make peach pie!! Now, let's be clear...I have never done this before. A peach pie...heck, a pie. Well, I've made pies with pilsbury dough before...but this time, kinda from scratch. I used a mix from Crate&Barrel - from Barefoot Contessa. But it only had the flour mix in it, so I had to do the hard part...mixing in cut up butter and ice water. And roll it out.

The recipe was from and it was for Bride's Peach Pie. I thought that was appropriate. We are 2 months away, you know. is the peach mixture. I think it needed a little less nutmeg. I used fresh...maybe that was the problem.
Mixing the dough
The final product. I was happy! and the crust tasted great. It was a perfect dessert to take with us to the Kentucky Symphony Orchestra's concert at Devou. What a pleasant night!!

Oh...and this would be the mess in my oven bottom. Lesson learned...pies don't get baked in the little top oven, where there isn't a rack to place something to catch the drips. Or...wait until I get those cool mats I registered for that you place on the oven bottom to help with clean up.

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steph said...

Sissy -- Proud of you for making a pie esp. w/ a (essentially) homemade crust! Wish I could've tasted it...